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CTE Prepares Students to Fill Talent Shortages

There are many businesses and industries today that simply can't find skilled workers to fill the jobs they have. These include jobs that pay very well, are interesting, challenging, and offer the opportunity to have a long and successful career.

Our programs prepare students for these jobs that employers are trying to fill — both locally and nationally. While many young people currently are finding it difficult to more forward with their careers, CTE students find themselves in demand.

An Education that Works

There are students who are well suited to becoming hands-on learners. They want to get their high school diploma while also acquiring the technical skills needed for certain career goals.

At CTE we are all about helping just this kind of student. We are committed to making a positive difference in their lives, by providing a curriculum that prepares them to earn national and state industry certifications, while also providing the opportunity to have real work experiences in business and industry.

CTE offers more than 20 programs.

CTE is geared for those students who benefit from "doing" while learning. We have many programs that cover many areas of interest. Make sure to take advantage of the many PDFs at the bottom of each of the program pages to find more information.