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Internships - Work-Based Learning

Connecting Students, Employers, and the Community.

Educators and employers have long recognized that an effective way to prepare for employment in a specific area is to administer on-the-job training in that occupation. In many Career & Technical Education (CTE) programs, classroom laboratories closely imitate actual job conditions and situations. Internships provide another way to instill job competence by supplementing the classroom experience.

For many students, these experiences help develop personal initiative, confidence, teamwork, positive attitudes, and professional behavior. It's these "work readiness skills" that often make the difference between job candidates of similar or equal training or experience. WSWHE BOCES offers a variety of internship opportunities in conjunction with area businesses/industries. Programs are available for students enrolled in one of our many CTE programs as well as for those students in component school districts looking to explore different career options.

Individual Internships:

CTE Internship Programs enable students to extend the classroom into a workplace setting wherein they can learn business and industry standards and practices, work readiness skills, and the application of academics within their chosen field. Internships are aligned with CTE programs currently offered through WSWHE BOCES and are developed in collaboration with CTE teachers, employer/mentors, and the Work-Based Learning Coordinator.

Typically, CTE students work during school time. They are evaluated by their employers and graded by the CTE teacher. The length of the internship is agreed upon in advance by the CTE teacher and employer and range in length from 10-60 hours.

Group Internships:

Group Internships help to develop work readiness skills necessary for employment. During the school day, students of varying abilities spend time on job sites with a Job Coach. Periodically, the mentor/employer and Work-Based Learning Coordinator will assess the students readiness for work.

The Career Exploration and Internship Program 

The Career Exploration and Internship Program (CEIP) provides individualized career placements allowing high school seniors to experience most any fields of interest. The program is open to eligible students in component school districts and WSWHE BOCES Education Centers. A typical CEIP consists of an individualized curriculum developed in collaboration with the student, mentor/employer, and Work-Based Learning Coordinator. Internships may take place during the school day, weekends, or vacation and students are responsible for all classroom work at their home school. Quarterly evaluations are performed by the mentor/employer and Work-Based Learning Coordinator. Each student will receive 1/2 credit for every 54 hours at the CEIP site.


Thank you for your interest in our students, our programs, and the community. Work-based learning opportunities provide a wide variety of benefits to both students and employers and serve as a crucial link between business/industry and education. The "connection" helps to develop the knowledge, skills, and credentials necessary for student success in college and/or the workplace while simultaneously providing options for the future. Self esteem, work ethic, and the importance of making a contribution are unique by products of the process.

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To learn more about specific program requirements, employer responsibilities, or to request the latest copy of our "Mentor/Employer Guide for Work-Based Learning Internships," contact the placement coordinator nearest you.

Contact Information

For more information on how internships are coordinated, please contact:

Mary Seale
Work-Based Learning Coordinator
Southern Adirondack Education Center
1051 Dix Avenue
Hudson Falls, NY 12839
phone: 518-746-3445
fax: 518-764-3406
[email protected]

Bruce Hoffmann
Work-Based Learning Coordinator
F. Donald Myers Education Center
15 Henning Road
Saratoga Springs, NY 12866
phone: 518-581-3624
fax: 518-581-3676
[email protected]

Brené Choppa
Work-Based Learning Coordinator - Early College Career Academy 
267 Ballard Road, Suite 5
Wilton, NY 12831
phone: 518-681-5664
[email protected]