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Hospitality & Human Services

Hospitality & Human Services

This is a career exploration program designed to introduce students to various CTE programs and corresponding careers available to them, while emphasizing the development of soft skills and the world of work.

This program is open to student a grades 11 and 12.

The Hospitality and Human Services is designed to explore career clusters within the Health and Human Services field, as a vehicle to engage, interest, and prepare students for success at work, school, and in the community. We use these CTE trade areas as a vehicle to deliver soft skills curriculum and engage students in planning a career path.

Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Preparing for a successful career with a focus on career exploration, education and training
  • The importance of service with a focus on customer satisfaction and affective communication
  • Problem solving and critical thinking skills with a focus on making effective decisions, developing creative and alternate solutions, resolving conflicts and stress management techniques
  • Technology applications with a focus on technology tools specific to the health and human services career clusters
  • Business systems with a focus on quality control systems, organizational roles within teams, and organizational policies and procedures
  • Safety and health concepts
  • Leadership and teamwork concepts
  • First aid and CPR concepts and certification
  • English language arts and math

Modules include:

  • Health and Caretaking
  • Hospitality and Retail


Internships and Work Based Learning:

Students may participate in work-related experiences within the Myers/SAEC campuses
Requirements: as well as in the community. This is an opportunity to be exposed to real life work. Students must be in good standing and able to work independently for this internship opportunity.