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Careers in the Skilled Trades

CTE Prepares Students to Fill Talent Shortages

There are many businesses and industries today that simply can't find skilled workers to fill the jobs they have. These include jobs that pay very well, are interesting, challenging, and offer the opportunity to have a long and successful career.

WSWHE BOCES Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs prepare high school students for these jobs that employers are trying to full — both locally and nationally. While many young people currently are finding it difficult to move forward with their careers, CTE students find themselves in demand. We are committed to making a positive difference in their lives, by providing a curriculum that prepares them to earn national and state industry certifications, while also providing the opportunity to have real work experiences in business and industry.

What CTE Programs link to Careers in Construction?

To find out more about how some of our programs link with careers in the construction industry, click on the images below. 

Construction Trades BOCES program
HVAC-R BOCES program
Welding BOCES program

What Are the Options for Adults?

The WSWHE BOCES Employment Training for Adults (ETA) offers an array of evening programs in the skilled trades, many leading to industry certifications. New ETA classes are added on a regular basis throughout the year, so check back often. 


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