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  • +$19,000 Nationally, CTE grads make $19k more per year than college grads with associates degrees.
  • 75% Nationally, three out of four CTE students continue on to college.
  • 31 School districts are served in Washington, Saratoga, Warren, Hamilton, and Essex Counties.
  • 20 CTE offers more than 20 programs

The Future of Career Success Starts Here

Combining academic programs with real hands-on learning, Career and Technical Education (CTE) provides its students with many different paths to the future. Some go on to college, others go right into a career. All have started to achieve the occupational and 21st Century skills so important in building a successful life and career.

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Conservation Students

Conservation Students Are a Cut Above

The last thing a runner wants to happen when they are hitting their pace is for a tree branch to fall on them, or to slip on the ice. Thanks to the Environmental Conservation and Forestry Student from the Southern Adirondack Education Center (SAEC), at least Granville CSD runners won’t have to worry about this. Career and Technical Education (CTE) students, have been working with the district to make improvements to the Granville High School cross country trail system.

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