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College Articulation Agreements

All Career and Technical Education programs have a direct and immediate connection to college through Articulation Agreements. An Articulation Agreement allows CTE students to earn college credit or advanced placement for work they complete here at WSWHE BOCES. This is very important for several reasons:

  1. Articulation Agreements allow CTE students to skip some basic, foundational, or 100-level courses that may be required by the college. This will save students time and money and enable them to take more advanced college courses sooner in their college careers.
  2. Articulation Agreements enable students to graduate High School with college credits, which are significantly less expensive when they are obtained while the student is in High School. College tuition for the same credits is much more expensive when the student gets to college.
  3. College credits earned through Articulation Agreements are usually transferable to other post-secondary institutions. Once the student earns them, no one can take them away.

BOCES works with post-secondary institutions to match the content of Career and Technical Education programs with the content of college-level courses. As a result, each CTE program has an Articulation Agreement with at least one college, if not more.

Each Articulation Agreement is different. Parents and students should read and understand the Articulation Agreements in order to reap the benefits. For instance, some Articulation Agreements stipulate that students must maintain a certain Grade Point Average (GPA) in the CTE class; they must graduate from High School; and they must use the credits within a certain amount of time following High School graduation.