CTE Signing Day Celebrates Students Entering the Workforce

Families and members of the school community watched the students, who have successfully secured the first step to their future by committing to employment, sign letters of intent.  These students have chosen to maximize their high school experience with career training and industry recognized certifications.

Director of CTE Jared Davis said that one of the reasons WSWHE BOCES holds the event is that when he comes into contact with employers and graduates of CTE programs, and they share their experiences with him and other WSWHE BOCES staff, he learned how much CTE programs have added to the local economy and that many local businesses depend on graduates of the BOCES. 

“WSWHE BOCES recognizes the increasing demand for a skilled workforce in our region. Signing day is our way of recognizing and thanking our students who are stepping in to meet that need and our business partners that support our students and our programs.”

John Ehntholt, shop manager at Rozell Industries who spoke at the event, told families and students, with 3 million job vacancies in the trades expected in the US by 2028, students should take pride in their work. He told them that they are professionals just like lawyers and teachers.

“Take care of your company and your company will take care of you. Think of your employer as a friend that you are helping out five out of seven days a week. In the workforce we take care of each other,” said Ehntholt.

Thirty seven high school CTE students and seven adult students were recognized. They will be entering employment with the following companies: 

Adirondack Studios

ADK Flooring

Alltech Energy Systems

Bast Hatfield Construction, LLC

BDP Industries

Bobcat of Saratoga

Bonacio Construction

DK Machine

Equinox Terrace

Fort Miller Group

Funky Solutions LLC

Glens Falls Pediatrics

Goulds Lawn & Landscape

Haney’s Auto Shop

Hudson Headwaters Health Network

Matt McPadden Builders

Melanie Smith

Miller Mechanical

Monahan Metals

NHKelmans Recycling

OnCall Plumbing and Heating

Pompa Brothers

RM Dalrymple

Rozell Industries

Sara Moore and Charlie Dupuis

Saratoga Honda

Saratoga Medical Associates Community Care Physicians PLLC

Teta's Auto repair

Tiashoke Farm

Town of Greenfield

Tymetal Corp.

Warren Center Rehab

Whitbeck Construction

Employers brought the students tools, t-shirts, hats, and more to show their enthusiasm at having the employees. Doug Ford, vice president of public relations and purchasing at Curtis Lumber presented the students from construction related programs with tool bags compliments of the Northeast Construction Trades Workforce Coalition and Black and Decker. 

CTE is thankful to the businesses who have opened their doors to our students and recognize their potential. 

According to a workforce study commissioned by the Saratoga Economic Development Corporation, over the next ten years, the regional economy is projected to add another 12,500 jobs, growing by 14% in 2024.  An additional 24,900 jobs will have to be filled due to replacement demand, bringing the total number of jobs that need to be filled over the next 10 years to 37,400 or about 3700 jobs a year.

Students who participated at signing day

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