WSWHE BOCES Launches Its 2023-26 Strategic Plan

WSWHE BOCES District Superintendent of Schools Dr. Turina Parker said, “it has never been more important to be focused, aligned and intentional in our work. While WSWHE BOCES  has much to be proud of, we know there are areas to improve and expand upon. This plan will be the backbone for what we do as an organization. It will serve as a roadmap for our efforts to connect with each student and customer while enhancing our connections as an organization. We will provide regular updates on our progress in our continued effort to be a model of excellence.”

Elementary student In June 2023 WSWHE BOCES initiated its strategic planning process. After reviewing data and metrics, gaining feedback from our stakeholders, and looking towards possibilities, in September 2023, the Board refined its mission, and adopted a new vision and set of core values for the organization. 

The Board engaged a widely-respected strategic planning consultant to guide them through this process, Superintendent Kevin McGowan, from the Brighton Central School District. 

Mr. McGowan, who was named the 2023 AASA National Superintendent of the Year, conducted an online public survey which had over 400 participants, held a series of discussions with the board and leadership team, and facilitated a large community meeting in order to get a clear idea of all stakeholders’ expectations.

The updated WSWHE BOCES mission is: to provide future-focused programs and high-quality services designed to meet the needs of all students and to support all of our partners. The WSWHE BOCES vision is to be a trusted leader in education, workforce development and innovation.

Dr. Parker said, “the impact of this 2023-26 Strategic Plan is already evident and grows by the day as we ensure the alignment of our practices with these WSWHE BOCES goals. We are confident that by 2026, the revision and realignment of WSWHE BOCES policies and practices will have had their intended effect and we will achieve our goals.” 

WSWHE BOCES invites the community to read the full plan at: