2020-2021 Mock Trial - “Robbery”

Mock trial studentsF. Donald Myers Education Center CTE Criminal Justice Studies (CJS) students held their annual mock trial on January 14 and 15, 2021 with the honorable David Mathis presiding over the cases.
Each year, the CJS students prepare diligently for months and all participate in a mock trial playing the parts of lawyers and witnesses. Two separate trials occurred each day; morning students were on the Defense Team and afternoon students were on the Prosecution Team. While all students participated, some “testified” from home remotely through a video meet. A real life example of what courts are doing now.

The jury this year was composed of students from the New Visions Health Careers Exploration class - one of the many great examples of how CTE programs collaborate on a project. One New Visions juror stated, “I didn’t expect the trial to be as great as it was. I was surprised by how fantastic everyone did. It was extremely realistic and I’m now looking forward to serving on a jury when I turn 18!” Other jurors expressed similar feelings about the trial.
The court officer this year was Deputy Cody Fabian, a Class of 2015 CJS graduate who is now with the Fulton County Sheriff's Department.
In this trial, written by Robert J. Rader students were exposed to the “realism of American court procedures and processes.” This simulation and role-playing experience allows students to discern hypothetical facts and practice trial skills. Students also develop public speaking and problem solving skills that greatly enhance their self confidence as well as learning teamwork, critical analysis, writing, and beyond.
David Foldi, Criminal Justice Studies Instructor said “Although this year was a little different; the students rose to this challenge and showed how we continue to be CTE STRONG!"

For more photos from the mock trials, visit the CJS Facebook page or the WSWHE BOCES Facebook page.