COVID-19 Poster Contest Winners!

The 2020-21 Reopening Plan for WSWHE BOCES required a communication plan which promotes healthy habits to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and ensures safety protocols are being followed. We identified several activities to sustain engagement. One idea was to hold a poster/social media contest to promote

  • Mask wearing
  • Social distancing  
  • Other safety protocols


We wanted to give Graphic Arts and Design Program students a chance to showcase their skills and participate in a real world example of an industry challenge, with WSWHE BOCES as the client. They rose to the challenge and submitted their entries.


In total we had 11 submissions. A panel of teachers, principals, a dean and a public information specialist voted. The winners are:


From the Southern Adirondack Education Center, Alexis Taylor, Grade 11 Fort Ann CSD

From the F. Donald Myers Education Center, Cameron McCauley, Grade 12 Cambridge CSD


We also plan to feature some of the other top contenders on social media. So keep an eye out for them.


Thank you to all the students who participated in the challenge.

Female Poster Contest winner

Alexis Taylor, Grade 11, Fort Ann CSD

male Poster Contest winner

Cameron McCauley, Grade 12, Cambridge CSD