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Twenty Six Staff Members Honored at Tenure Ceremony

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

On September 9, 2020, WSWHE BOCES honored 26 staff members who earned tenure. Tenure is an employment status certified educators may earn by successfully completing a period of probationary employment and then, upon recommendation of the superintendent, being granted this status by the Board of Education in accordance with Education Law (§§ 2509, 2573, 3012, 3014). Congratulations to all and thank you for your service.




Denise Altenburger, Practical Nursing
Theresa Arcuri, Teacher of Speech and Hearing Handicapped
Shayne Bishop, Special Education
Jessi Boucher, School Social Worker
G. Nathan Chandler, School Social Worker
Deidre Convery-Bernard, Teacher of Speech and Hearing Handicapped 
Mitchell Fearis, Teaching Assistant
Christina Ferlise-Clark, School Social Worker
Autumn Goddard, Teacher of Deaf and Hard of Hearing
Karin Howansky, School Media Specialist
Laura Johnson, School Social Worker
Joanne Kennedy, Teacher of Blind and Visually Impaired
Ronald King, Teaching Assistant
Carol Meeker, Special Education
Heidi Merrithew, Teaching Assistant
Charles Munro, Graphic Arts
Louise Paquette-Wells, Teaching Assistant
Dr. Turina Parker, Executive Director for Educational and Support Programs
Christina Rees, School Social Worker
Anne Rode, Administrator for Special Programs
Janeen Savage, Special Education
Mary Seale, Business and Distributive Educaiton
Sherri Slater, Natural Resources and Ecology
Andrea Staepel, Mathematics 7-12
Kim Wegner, Lead Coordinator for Innovative Programs
Mary Whalen, Special Education