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New Swag for the Exceptional Learners Graduating Seniors

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Graduating seniors from the Exceptional Learners Division (ELD) received gifts from their teachers and some friends at Jostens. For more than six years, Jessica Cuva with the WSWHE BOCES Exceptional Learners Department at SAEC along with reps from Jostens supplier, Northway Graduate Service, known for their customized and personalized products, have gathered the ELD seniors with some great gear. The gifts vary from year to year and many times include a water bottle, pull backpack, phone pop socket, key lanyards, as well as possibly t-shirts, hoodies, or sweatpants. 

The collection and gathering starts in May to be ready for the Seniors when they graduate in June. Most years, the “swag” is delivered to the seniors at school. This year, delivery looked a little different, with the efforts of TSPN, Best, and Building E making time to deliver the items to the students, all while maintaining social distancing. It has become a tradition each year and the students look forward to the gifts they will receive as seniors. 

Ms. Cuva said, “I have been collaborating with Matt and Sabrina Oberkriesser from Jostens, who so generously give to our ELD seniors every year. They donate their time and efforts on this project. We hope to help brighten the days ahead for the students.”

Jessica Cuva, is a teaching assistant at TSP-N in a 6:1:1 classroom with Sue Brooks. She said "I just love seeing the smiles on the student's faces when they open up their bags. That makes it all worth collaborating to set this up every year." 

The Exceptional Learners Division serves students with disabilities whose instructional needs can’t be met appropriately in their local districts. ELD does this by bringing together highly skilled teachers and providing them with the opportunity to give students a significant amount of individualized instruction. Drawing students from all 31 school districts in a five-county region, these students come to ELD with many different and complex needs where they provide an education that serves them – so that they can grow, learn and be successful. 


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