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National Weather Service Visit

Wednesday, February 05, 2020

As snow was falling outside the window recently, the Exceptional Learners Division School to Work students had a unique opportunity to listen to an informative presentation on how weather is forecasted and predicted. Christina Speciale, Meteorologist, from the National Weather Service (NWS) came in to talk all things weather. She discussed how important weather observations are, doppler and satellite radar, thunderstorms and the mission of the NWS. 

Christina discussed that due to the various terrain in New York State, the New York NWS Teams are very focused and conscious of water and how to protect the land due to any water issues that could occur due to the weather. Five offices cover NYS. Her office is located right on the SUNY Albany campus. 

Weather balloons are launched twice a day from the Albany office. The data collected from these balloons all over the US is crucial to the work of the NWS. Christina engaged with the students who were interested in the alert systems and explained exactly what that means when we see them on TV or hear them on the radio. Students discussed the rain gauge and snow gauge Christina brought in. 

The students not only learned about the weather, which either continued their weather unit or was an introduction to the upcoming unit they will study, but they also practiced their skills of listening, being polite, interacting and focusing on the presenter. They even took away tips on how a presentation is performed. Presentations, field trips, and special events like the NWS visit take place throughout the school year in the Exceptional Learners Division and are an integral way of making connections for students that impact their learning.