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2019 Mock Trial - Guilty or Not Guilty

Friday, December 06, 2019

Myers Center CTE Criminal Justice Studies (CJS) students held their annual mock trial December 4 and 5, 2019 with the honorable David Mathis presiding over the cases. 

CJS students all participate in a yearly mock trial playing the parts of lawyers and witnesses.  The trials are written so that a verdict can be either "guilty" or "not guilty" depending on how a team prepares and presents. 

The realism continues with a "real" judge presiding over the trial; (David Mathis) while the jury is composed of students from other programs who volunteer during jury selection "voir dire." 

For months prior, the Criminal Justice program students prepare for the case. Alex C. Turnello, Esq. came to the class in November to listen to the evidence each side had to decide if they could proceed with the mock trial. Attorney Turnello, spent the day discussing the career field of law and helped the students with their case. Students from both the Prosecution and the Defense teams learned a great deal about preparing for this trial.

Judge Mathis said, "The participants all did an excellent job which made it an effortless, entertaining and enjoyable two days for me. I look forward to next year."

This simulation and role-playing experience allows students to discern hypothetical facts and practice trial skills. Students also develop public speaking and problem solving skills that greatly enhance their self confidence as well as learning teamwork, critical analysis, writing, and beyond.


Mock trial students - morning class

Morning CJS students & Judge Mathis

Mock trial students - afternoon class

Afternoon CJS students & Judge Mathis


To see more photos from the mock trials, visit the CJS Facebook page or click here