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Staff Spotlight Award

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

The Staff Spotlight Award is given to a WSWHE BOCES employee who is deserving of special recognition for exemplary performance, special achievements and for shining a positive light or bringing attention to the organization. They are our own BOCES beacons of light. A Staff Spotlight Award was presented to Chef Matt Young at the WSWHE BOCES Board of Education meeting on October 9, 2019. 

Chef Matt Young played an instrumental part in the food service planning, purchasing and execution of the Adirondack School Board Association dinner on September 26th at the Ballard Road Conference Center. His willingness to lead and organize this collaborative catering event which engaged the culinary teams from both the Myers Center and the Southern Adirondack Education Center, was exemplary and provided valuable real world experience for all of the students involved. Beginning in August, he made himself available on multiple occasions to meet with administration and plan the events menu and service. In addition, Chef Young provided guidance on how to properly outfit the new facility with equipment designed to handle future catering events. Chef Matt's "can do" attitude, quality of instruction and finished product is a credit to himself, the CTE division and our organization as a whole.