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Corinth Student Attains IT Certification and Uses Skills to Give Back

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Jovanni Mosca, a rising senior from the Corinth school district has learned the value of connections and networking - both literally and figuratively. A student of the Early College Career Academy (ECCA), a partnership between SUNY Adirondack and the Washington-Saratoga-Warren-Hamilton-Essex BOCES, Mosca has embarked on a unique curriculum in Information Technology, Computer Networking and Cybersecurity. His studies are already helping him make a difference both at ECCA and in his community.

Mosca is entering his senior year of high school already possessing important industry certifications. Not only has he attained CompTIA A+ certification, but he was also the first student in the program’s history to achieve CCENT Cisco certification as a high school junior. The Cisco certification is usually a senior year goal.

This summer, Mosca put his emerging IT and computer networking skills to good use. With the advice and guidance of his ECCA instructor, Gary Gordon, he donated his time to set up the office equipment and computer networking for Angel Names Association, a 501(c)(3) association that provides support services for families affected by stillbirth. 

That work led to a summer internship with Gordon at the summer PTECH camp. Here he helped campers with an interest in technology learn more about computer programming.  

Mosca said “I love seeing when kids have the “lightbulb” moment. It makes me happy to see them understand something new.”

Gordon finds it rewarding to work with a student as dedicated as Mosca. He says that having someone from within the ECCA program intern at the PTECH camp allowed them to accomplish much more during the camp session.

Looking forward, Mosca hopes to attain the next Cisco certification and continue to use his skills within the program, his school district and the community. He plans to attend college after graduating high school and is excited about the possibilities ahead.

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