Our programs prepare you for jobs that employers are trying to fill — both locally and nationally. While many young people are finding it difficult to move forward with their careers, CTE graduates find themselves in demand.

CTE At The Washington County Fair August 19-25

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Want to learn some new culinary techniques from a well known chef? How about learning the latest hair braiding trends, seeing Mig welding, or checking out how to operate a mini-excavator? These are just a few of the demonstrations visitors can attend when WSWHE BOCES highlights its Career and Technical Education (CTE) program at the Washington County Fair August 19-25. Students and instructors will be making daily career demonstrations. Culinary Arts, Welding, Cosmetology, and Environmental Conservation and Forestry programs are just a few of the 24 CTE programs visitors can learn about. Visitors can also get a sneak peek of the WSWHE BOCES Tiny House project set to premiere at the Saratoga Showcase of Homes for three weekends starting on September 15.

The CTE interactive display, across from the Racing Pigs in the Carnival Area, starts Monday August 19 at 5pm and continues for the duration of the fair from 10am to 10pm each day. Friday, August 23 is CTE Day at the Fair, with demonstrations every 2 hours. We’ll have exciting promotional giveaways too! See our full schedule.

As the fair's mission is to educate the public about agriculture in a fun, family friendly manner, it is the perfect venue to bring CTE programs directly to the community and show prospective students and their parents what CTE is all about. During a time when many businesses have trouble finding skilled workers to fill jobs, CTE provides students with an opportunity to have a successful career.