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Board of Education Recognizes Student Achievement

Thursday, June 13, 2019

More than 80 awards were presented at the Ninth Annual Student Recognition Ceremony that was held prior to the WSWHE BOCES Board of Education meeting on June 12. Family and friends joined students in the Career and Technical Education and Exception Learners programs from both centers who received recognition for their outstanding work.

SkillsUSA, FFA and Early College Career Academy students were recognized for their superior results during their respective competitions. Other students were recognized for outstanding community service and volunteerism.

A  representive of the New York State Attorney General's office, Assistant Attorney General Domenico Pirrotta, joined the celebration to present the Attorney General's Triple C Award. This program is a tradition which recognizes the "Character, Courage and Commitment" of New York's hard working students. Whether excelling in academic pursuits, participating in community service, displaying leadership among their classmates, or overcoming personal challenges, they inspire and provide hope for the future. These are the students whom the Triple "C" Awards Program was created to honor. Being selected by their school for this prestigious award is indicative of these students’ steadfast commitment to academic excellence and of the respect they have earned throughout the community. The Attorney General encourages these scholars to "remain committed to their goals and CONTINUE to strive to do their best in school—for they are the leaders of tomorrow.”  The 2019 WSWHE BOCES recipient was Riley Lefebvre, a student in the Exceptional Learners Division at the F. Donald Myers Education Center.

Congratulations to all the students who were recognized.  Photo Gallery

5 students with awards standing with their instructor

ECCA Business Entrepreneurship program students who were recognized for their achievement at High School Business Day with their Instructor Susan Stone.

student and parent standing with award

Cosmetology student Keana Biggs with her mom. Keana was recognized for placing second at the NYS SkillsUSA completition.  

3 students with their principal and instructors showing their awards

Students from the Exceptional Learners Division who were recognized for their community service along with their instructors and principal.


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