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CTE Signing Day Celebrates Students Entering the Workforce

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Similar to special events for high school athletes signing commitment letters to colleges where they will play sports, or high school seniors donning collegiate shirts from the colleges where they have been accepted on designated college acceptance days, the WSWHE BOCES Career and Technical Education (CTE) program recognized those students in its programs who will go directly into the workforce by holding its first CTE Signing Day on June 10 at the Park Theater in Glens Falls.

During the inaugural event, families and members of the school community watched as eight students from Cambridge, Saratoga Springs, Hudson Falls, Galway, Mechanicville, Schuylerville and South Glens Falls school districts signed letters of intent. They have have chosen to maximize their high school experience with career training and industry recognized certifications. They successfully secured the first step to their future by committing to employment.

District Superintendent of Schools James Dexter said that one of the reasons he wanted to hold the event was that when he comes into contact with employers and graduates of CTE programs, and they share their experiences with him and other WSWHE BOCES staff, he was able learn how much CTE programs have added to the local economy and that many local businesses depend on graduates of the BOCES.

“We began to think about how can we make connections between going into the workforce and the programs we offer,” said Dexter.

He told those in attendance at the ceremony, “we have a number of students who go off to college, and a number of students who go off to the military. But we have not done a good enough job of celebrating those of you who are going directly in the workforce. I applaud you. We are going to everything we can to do more of this in the future.”

CTE is thankful to the businesses who have opened their doors to our students and recognize their potential.

Below is a list of the students who committed to employment on CTE Signing Day:

  • Nicholas Hamilton, Jr. from Cambridge CSD in Automotive Technology accepted a position at Matthews Automotive
  • John Thomas of Saratoga Springs CSD in the Culinary Arts program accepted a position at The Wine Bar
  • Breanne Lewis from Hudson Falls in the Health Occupations program will be working as a Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) at Fort Hudson Health Care System
  • Jessica Pakatar of Galway CSD in the Health Occupations program will be working as a CNA at Home of the Good Shepard
  • Sarah Simmons from the Mechanicville CSD in the Health Occupations program will be working as a CNA at the Schuyler  Ridge Residential Health Care
  • Jasmine Sirois from Schuylerville CSD in the Health Occupations program will be working as a CNA atThe Wesley Community
  • Sadie Sutliff of the Saratoga Springs CSD in the Health Occupations program will be working as a CNA at The Wesley Community
  • Noah Johnson from South Glens Falls CSD who is in the Welding  program committed to work at Miller Mechanical Services

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8 students who participated in signing day

Jasmine Sirois, Sarah Simmons, Jessica Pakatar, Sadie Sutliff, John Thomas, Nicholas Hamilton, Jr.,  Breanne Lewis, Noah Johnson

student with his family and employer

Nicholas Hamilton, Jr. who is in the Automotive Technology program from Cambridge CSD with his family and Adam Mathew (left). He signed on with Mathews Automotive as a technician.