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Cosmetology Students Get Fresh Ideas

Thursday, June 06, 2019

Do split ends, Hollywood curls, and curtain fringes sound very exciting? They do when you are a cosmetology student learning new techniques on these subjects. Those were a few of the fresh ideas cosmetology students from the F. Donald Myers Education Center got from their a field trip to A&A Beauty Supply & Salon Design on June 5. Both morning and afternoon classes visited the store, which is not just another supply outlet. A family run business based in Buffalo, with twelve stores in the state, it just entered the Capital Region with new locations in Clifton Park and Queensbury.

Instructor Kerri Bruno said the visit was like being able to take her students to a high-end beauty expo. “I wanted to show our students what is out there and that they can do a variety of things when they finish school. There are so many careers options available for cosmetology students aside from working in a salon.”

Company Vice President, David DiTulio said that he loves working with schools because they are the future of this industry. “We need to prepare students fully for what they will see in the salon workplace. That’s why field trips are so important. It gives students a snapshot of how a professional distributor operates and what they have to offer.”

DiTulio said the industry is in a very interesting place now with the ability for all stylists to get whatever they want online. The human touch and interaction has dwindled. He feels that the personal relationships with stylists, salons, schools & distributors needs to be rekindled.

“The BOCES program like yours, I feel, is extremely important to our industry, because not everyone can afford a private school and the BOCES programs have really stepped up their game and are offering some great education for interested students. I feel that a trade is such a great path for these students to follow and cosmetology is a fantastic career for those who choose it,” said DiTullio.

A&A Beauty Supply & Salon Design’s model is to support professional stylists with education. They offer classes throughout the year to customers to learn the latest industry techniques.

“Education equals more money,” says Nicole Gray, an associate who instructed the class in the Hollywood curl technique.

Gray told students that they too can become educators for brands. Becoming familiar with certain products, will not only serve their clients well, but will make them experts at what they do and open more options for them.

Instructor showing demonstrating Hollywood curl technique.

“The best styles come with a good product foundation. Get to know a product line, what works for what hair textures, and you’ll be leagues above everyone else,” she told the students.

By experimenting with different product lines herself, and mastering brands, Gray found out that she wanted to become an educator and works for a distributor. She explained the ins and out of working for a distributor. She also gave the students advice about taking their state boards.

The students also learned how to use razor cutting on bangs and worked on the curtain fringe technique.

Instructor showing how to trim split ends.

Another valuable new skill that the students picked up on the visit was how to trim split ends without taking length off. Associate Krissy Nelligan demonstrated the technique and then had each student try it while another student walked them through the process.

Giving tips for customer service, Nelligan said, “you want your customer to leave the chair happy.” She also told the students that A&A Beauty Supply was very supportive of their clients and are always available to bounce ideas off of.

David DiTulio said it’s not about the immediate sale it’s all about the relationship building process and if salons, schools, distributors, students can all network and help each other everyone wins.

“The BOCES programs have become a vital part of the professional beauty industry and have placed a lot of quality students in many salons. I personally commend all of you for turning the BOCES programs into a vital part of our industry,” said DiTulio.

Nellligan, herself, is an F. Donald Myers Education alumni. “I use what I learned in the program every day. It was life changing.”