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Making Strides Against Bullying

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

boy signing unity day pledge against bullying

Student signing the No Place For Hate pledge.

Unity Day took place on October 24. It was a day to come together against bullying – united for kindness, acceptance and inclusion. Students and staff in all WSWHE BOCES school buildings celebrated Unity Day by wearing the color orange or orange ribbons as an expression of solidarity.

All programs at the Southern Adirondack Education Center (SAEC) participated in a unity walk, which has become a tradition in recent years and demonstrates SAEC’s commitment against bullying.

Principal Sarah Matarazzo told participants, “we walk together today to show that we embrace differences, model tolerance and stand together against hurtful stereotypes of all kinds. We walk to show the world that the Southern Adirondack Education Center is No Place for Hate.”

Students also signed a No Place for Hate pledge on a Unity Day banner to show their commitment to stand up against bullying.

Students from the entire campus participated in the walk. Graphics students designed posters about ending bullying, Criminal Justice students helped with traffic flow, and the Exceptional Learners Division Student Council ran a bake sale which raised over $100. “Sally's Baskets" which is an organization that puts together annual holiday baskets for SAEC families in need, received the most votes among the seven community organizations students considered donating to.

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