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Welding Instructor Honored by ACTEA

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Principal Michael Donlon with Welding Instructor Clay Corey.

Principal Michael Donlon with Welding Instructor Clay Corey

The Association of Career and Technical Education Administrators (ACTEA) recognized welding program Instructor Clay Corey at its annual leadership conference on April 13. Each year the association recognizes special contributions to Career and Technical Education by its teachers who have furthered the association's aims and objectives for the youth and adults of New York State.

In his sixteen years of dedicated service to both the F. Donald Myers Education Center and the Southern Adirondack Education Center, Mr. Corey has been an integral part of the culture and growth of Career and Technical Education in the region. Mr. Corey is a “go to” staff member who can be counted on for well thought out ideas that focus on the success of our programs and instructional practice. Through his years of participation in leadership roles and as a SkillsUSA Advisor, Mr. Corey has had positive impact on his students, his colleagues, our organization and Career and Technical Education as a whole.  It is with great pride that Mr. Corey has been recognized as an exemplary Career and Technical Educator by the ACTEA. Congratulations!