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Let's Eat

Wednesday, November 08, 2017

Student and Chef Clancy in TV studio with Dan Bazille

James Clay, Saratoga Springs CSD and Chef Clancy at the studio with Dan Bazille

Chef Maureen Clancy, a culinary arts instructor at the F. Donald Myers Education Center appeared on WNYT News Channel 13 Let's Eat with Dan Bazille on November 4 along with Saratoga Springs City School District student James Clay. They prepared Buffalo Chicken pasta, a recipe that James created and served at the Fall Open House recently. Chef Clancy appears on the lifestyle segment several times during the school year and always brings a student to assist. It is a great opportunity to get out in the community and also represent CTE. 

Click here to watch the segment.

Fans of Chef Clancy and her students have been enjoying these appearances since 2013. But not many people know the back story.

Chef Clancy says, “the production manager told me they were looking for local chefs to promote their business and share some of their signature dishes. I accepted and appeared several times that year."

“I thought what a wonderful opportunity it would be to bring some Culinary Arts students to watch the segment live at the Menands studio. Eventually this lead to more frequent appearances with students and tied it into certain parts of our curriculum. When I first asked for volunteers, I didn’t get much interest because students were intimidated and camera shy.”

But Clancy said that after a couple of shows, when students returned and told their friends how awesome it was, instantly it was the cool thing to do. Everyone was interested.

Clancy wanted to make the selection process fair. She had a contest to draw names. Then she chose students with the top grades for the quarter. That made the students a bit more competitive and some worked even harder to achieve their goals.

Clancy says, “I choose to bring senior students because it lets them experience another employment side of the culinary world. You don’t just have to be a line cook. There are plenty of opportunities in the entertainment business which features radio, television, cook book authors, cooking demonstrations etc.”

Dillon Brooks, Corinth, CSD said, “it was such a great experience.” He explained there is a lot of preparation that goes into a segment.

“We literally prepped for three hours to cook a three minute segment. The time goes by so fast It’s over before you know it. When I was done, my phone was buzzing with family, kids in class, neighbors, teachers stating how great I looked and what a great job I did. I was an instant celebrity for a while.I really want to go on again before I graduate, says Brooks.”

Chef Clancy will appear again on Let’s Eat, Sunday, November 26 at about 8:00 am. She will be taking Schuylerville High School student Hannah Diehl. The theme will be, "What to make with Holiday Leftovers."