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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

On April 24, the Southern Adirondack Education Center (SAEC) inducted 74 students into the National Technical Honor Society (NTHS). To be inducted, students must maintain a grade point average (GPA) of 92 percent in their Career and Technical Education (CTE) program.  In addition, students must maintain a GPA of 85 at their home school district, have fewer than 9 absences per year, be nominated by their instructor, and obtain a recommendation by their CTE counselor. Adult students are eligible as well. The SAEC National Technical Honor Society inductees are listed below.

Brittney Anderson *

Nathan Baker

Tom Barrett

Tanisha Bartlett

Ryan Beaury

Joe Behan

Eleshia Bennett

Alexa Brooks

Alexis Brown

Abbie Brunelle

Arthur Cieply

Richard Currier

Jeremy DeLor

Maggie Donohue

Aaron Dorr

Xavier Dufour

Maggie Earl

Esabelle Elkins

Brooke Emery

Emma Feiden

Nicholas Fuller

Joshua Gadway

Johnathan Hart

Justin Heibler

Gary Hill

John Hollister *

Hannah Kenney

Ryan Kibling *

Destiny Kloss

McKenna Krywy *

Lindsey Kylloe

Logan LaChapelle

Steve Larson

Zack Layton

Brianna LaRose

Madison LaFond

Jonathan Luse *

Kenneth MacDuff *

Darrich Maille

Felicia Marcotte

Jake McCasland

Alydia Meinecke

Clarisa Miller

Clark Mularz

Jenelle Nash *

Matthew Pfoh

Annieke Potgieter

Max Ratelle

Glenn Redmon III

William Robitaille

Zachary Schneible*

Ian Simpson

Jacob Smit

Alexis Smith

Savannah Sutliff *

Jarrid Tessier

Lucas Thayer

Ashley Tucker

Jerrid Tucker

Sarah Usher

Amanda VanGuilder

Amber Vanderwarker

Allison Vrooman *

Talia Vaughn

Hannah Walden

Emily Weaver

Desiree Wheeler

Mike Wilson

Alexis Whitney

Julian Winston

Courtney Wood *

Heather Wood


* denotes second year inductees