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Using Art To Help Keep Kids Safe

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Amber Getty talks about her winning poster contest entry

Congratulations to Amber Getty. She is an 11th grader from Fort Ann CSD who is in the Graphics program at the Southern Adirondack Education Center and is one of 12 students who were selected as winners of the New York State “Kids Safe Online” poster contest. The contest is sponsored by the New York State Office of Information Technology Services. Getty’s submission was among over 2000 entries from 233 schools across the state.

The goal of the contest, held annually since 2005, is to educate students about cyber security by encouraging them to creatively depict what cyber security means to them and to reinforce safe online practices through their artwork. The contest also serves as a tool to encourage teachers across New York State to address cyber security and online safety issues like cyber bullying, the appropriate use of text messages, and social networking in the classroom.

Getty’s main message is “don’t trust strangers.”

“You could be a 15 year old girl and think you are talking to a 16 year old boy. But in reality, you could be talking to a 43 year old man,” Getty said.

Getty said she wanted to use her graphic design skills to communicate and help others.

“Artists should draw what they know. I know about this subject because my sisters have fallen for this type of thing before. I am the older sister. I have to protect them,” she said.

Her main character is an anthro, short for anthropomorphic. It is a style based on anime and is inspired by the character Sonic, the hedgehog. The character in her drawing is a deer, who is young and naïve. The hearts circling overhead point to her romantic side. The character on the other side of the screen is not what she thinks. He is a black panther, meant to depict a predator.

Getty’s image will be featured in the 2018 New York State "Kids Safe Online" Calendar. She will also receive a New York State certificate. In addition, her winning entry has been submitted to the National K-12 Poster Contest, conducted by the Center for Internet Security's Multi-State Information Sharing and Analysis Center.   To view Getty’s winning poster submission along with the other winners click onPoster