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A Real World Field Trip

Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Twenty-five students and instructors from the Machine Tool and Welding programs at the Southern Adirondack Education Center visited Doty Machine Works in Ft. Edward recently to learn about career and internship possibilities at the company. Doty provides precision machined and fabricated systems and components to a variety of industries.

On the tour, students saw waterjet cutting tools, turning centers, lathes, boring mills, a 50 ton lift, a blast and paint booth and much more. Students were impressed with the technology. They also met staff and had a chance to explore the different types of jobs in the facility.

One welder gave the welding students some valuable advice. He said he could not stress enough the importance of math and plan reading skills.

General Manager Bill Smith commented that, the machining industry lost a lot of jobs to overseas competition and was becoming a dying industry. Now businesses like Doty are more competitive and are taking the work back and producing parts and services locally.

“We are scrambling because our workforce is getting to the age of retirement. Now we are looking for the new generation to take over,” said Smith.

“With everybody, particularly the pulp industry, getting back into the market, it is important to work with BOCES and have these (programs) available, to the machining and fabrications industry,” he said.

Throughout the tour as Smith introduced staff to the students he highlighted the length of time they had been with the company.

“The future of Doty is your generation. We are looking for longevity, for people who want to be here, who want to make a difference,” said Smith.

Clearly skilled professions are in demand in our region, and CTE provides the right education to meet those needs.