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Tim Healy, Horticulture and Landscaping

As a teen, Tim Healy was at a crossroads – continue with the Regents high school curriculum and risk failing or go to BOCES.

He is so happy he chose the latter as his experience there, in Horticulture and Landscaping, provided him with not just a career, but a love of learning.

 “What I liked about BOCES is that it wasn’t all about book smarts,” said Tim who is a floral designer with Posie Peddler in Saratoga Springs. “It was hands-on. We learned by doing, which makes learning so much more enjoyable.”

And Tim thrived.

In his senior year, then instructor Jim Chorman encouraged Tim to try out his knowledge at the floral design competition at SkillsUSA. Though Tim never considered floral design, concentrating more on the gardening and landscaping aspects of the program, he tried it out. He placed second in the state competition.

“The thing was, Mr. Chorman would just throw you into something,” said Tim. “I think he knew I had potential and that I could handle it. He really taught me a lot because the things I did wrong, I never forgot and never did them again.”

The success, that was so elusive in the regular classroom, was now Tim’s.  Upon graduating, he was awarded the Schuylerville Garden Club scholarship. He went on to attend and graduate from Adirondack Community College and then SUNY Cobleskill where he earned his horticulture degree.

“I think I was successful because the program gave us the whole package,” said Tim who is also a volunteer fireman and village trustee in Victory Mills. “Landscaping, floral design, green house work, business management. When I went to college, I was so much farther ahead of the game. I already knew a lot. One day, I will have my own business, thanks to BOCES.”