Our programs prepare you for jobs that employers are trying to fill — both locally and nationally. While many young people are finding it difficult to move forward with their careers, CTE graduates find themselves in demand.

Financial Assistance
The following information includes potential funding resources and sponsoring agencies for continued education. Your eligibility may differ depending on the program or training you are interested in. It is your responsibility to research these options because CTE cannot determine your eligibility.

GI Bill - (can be used for Daytime CTE students )
The Home for all educational benefits provided by the Department of Veterans Affairs. Also see The Military Corner, which provides up-to-date information for those who currently serve or have served in the military and are interested in obtaining grants and scholarships for higher education for themselves or their family members.

  • Albany County Veterans Office (518) 474-7606
  • Saratoga County Veteran's Office: (518)884-4115
  • Warren County Veteran's Office: (518)761-6343
  • Washington County Veteran's Office: (518)746-2470

ACCES-VR (can be used for all adult classes)
Formerly known as VESID, this service is only for individuals with disabilities. Adult Career and Continuing Education Services-Vocational Rehabilitation (ACCES-VR) offers access to a full range of employment and independent living services that may be needed by persons with disabilities through their lives. Through its administration of vocational rehabilitation and independent living programs, VR coordinates policy and services relating to:

  • Transition services for students with disabilities from school to adult services
  • Vocational rehabilitation services for working age individuals with disabilities
  • Independent living services for people with disabilities of all ages
  • Business services for hiring a qualified, diverse workforce
ACCESS-VR Main Office: (518)473-8097

Workforce Investment Act Employment and Training Agency
(also known as a One-Stop Center)
Your local One-Stop Center may have funding available to help you train for a new career or upgrade your skills to re-enter the workforce. To find your local One Stop, please click here or call:
  • Saratoga County: (518)884-4170
  • Warren County: (518)743-0925
  • Washington County: (518)746-2391
  • Montpelier, VT: (802)828-4000

Adult Students Interested in Daytime CTE Progams, please call:

  • Hudson Falls, Southern Adirondack Education Center: (518)746-3421
  • Saratoga Springs, F. Donald Myers Education Center: (518)581-3691

All Other Adult Students – Please Contact:
Michelle Stockwell, Supervisor for Employment Training for Adults, (518)581-3555