Our programs prepare you for jobs that employers are trying to fill — both locally and nationally. While many young people are finding it difficult to move forward with their careers, CTE graduates find themselves in demand.

CTE Open House 2020

Kickstart your career in high school

Do you want to spend your time learning about the subjects that interest you most?

Of course you do! You can do exactly that and get hands-on, real work experience in the business or industry of your choice with the Career and Technical Education program.

Attend our open house on January 28th or 30th to learn more about how you or your teen could get enrolled in our educational program and choose from one of over 20 fields.

The Career and Technical Education program give students the chance to master academics, as well as technical skills, within a subject that interests them and helps lead to a successful, rewarding career.

Attend our panel discussion on the skilled trades. Click here for more info.

Register now for one of our open houses to learn how you can kickstart your career.



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