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Women In Trades Mentorship Program

photos from first mentor meeting


While enrollment of female students in programs that have been thought of as traditionally male dominated fields is low, WSWHE BOCES aims to find ways to retain those female students that it does have enrolled and find innovative ways to support them. Administrators have created a mentor program with business partners which begins in March 2022.
The Women In Trades Mentorship Program is being established to provide:
  • Profiles of a mentee and mentor
  • Activities that meet the intent of the program
  • Communication
  • Documentation
  • Time to get acquainted
The mentoring experience will provide positive role models for students and create awareness of the Women In Trades initiative.
Current participants are:
Battenkill Fibers
Callanan Industries
D.A. Collins Family of Companies
Fort Miller
North East Fire Protection
Washington County Soil & Water
Saratoga Honda
Additional partners will be added over time. 
At the first meeting of the program, students were matched with at least one if not more individuals from an industry and talked about making a plan for what the mentor hopes to get out of this partnership and what the mentee does too. Parents came to support their daughters.