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 An academically rigorous one-year program for college-bound high school seniors who plan to major in an engineering discipline.

New Visions Engineering students receive instruction in AP Calculus, AP Physics, and various engineering principles. Students explore the world of engineering through hands-on projects that integrate academics and engineering concepts. Job shadowing opportunities and site visits are coordinated throughout the school year enabling the students to see first hand the activities and responsibilities related to various engineering disciplines.

Admission to the New Visions Engineering Program is competitive and highly selective. Students from 31 school districts compete for a limited number of Engineering positions. Successful applicants must demonstrate above-average ability in math and science, have a strong work ethic, and show genuine interest in the field of engineering.

Specific requirements include:

  • Pre-calculus, plus three years each of New York State Regents math, science, English and social studies (a year of Regents physics is beneficial) - written transcript required
  • Recommendations from a math or science teacher, employer or community member, and a school counselor
  • A completed application, including an autobiographical essay stating your reason for applying to the program
  • An interview in front of an interdisciplinary team comprised of teachers, engineering professionals, and administrators
  • Individual transportation to and from school and work sites

New Visions Engineering students regularly attend class at the Southern Adirondack Education Center in a classroom equipped with a computer for each student, a CNC and vertical mill, a wind tunnel, miter saw, workbenches and tool chests, and a designated lecture area. Physics labs are conducted on the campus of SUNY Adirondack where a state-of-the-art lab is made accessible. SUNY Adirondack provides invaluable support for this laboratory requirement. WSWHE BOCES and SUNY Adirondack have worked together to create this valuable educational experience for high school seniors interested in pursuing engineering.

10am - 2:10pm

New Visions Engineering students attend English and Social Studies classes at their home schools prior to traveling to New Visions for a 10:00 a.m. arrival.

Academic Credit
Students are provided instruction in preparation to take the advanced placement (AP) exams in both physics and calculus at the end of the school year. WSWHE BOCES offers the following academic credit:

  • 1 Credit AP Calculus AB
  • 1 Credit AP Physics-C Mechanics
  • 2 Credits Engineering Exploration

For more information related to Career Opportunities, please visit: CareerZone and the US Bureau of Labor Statistics

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