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Early Childhood Education

 A two-year program based on Child Development Associate (CDA) competencies and requirements

› Focuses on developing skills in early childcare and the education profession.
› Provides students with the opportunity to work with children three and four years old, under supervision, in an on-site preschool that is free to the community.
› Students learn to provide guidance, promote positive and productive relationships with families,
and ensure a well-run childcare program.
› Students learn to establish and maintain a safe, healthy learning environment, while nurturing
the physical, intellectual, social, and emotional development of young children.
› Curriculum includes commencement level math and English language arts.

Certifications & Endorsements
› CPR/First Aid/AED
› Students earn hours toward the Child Development Associate Credential and may pursue this certification after completing the program

Future Possibilities
Students completing the program successfully qualify to work as:
› Entry-level position in a day care, pre-school, or Head Start program 

Employment opportunities requiring further education:
› Careers leading to teaching birth through 6th grade
› Careers involved in the education and development of young children (i.e. social work)

For more information related to Career Opportunities, please visit: CareerZone and the US Bureau of Labor Statistics

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